Small Animals

If you’re looking for a small animal for the kids, then come to Brookside Garden Centre. We’ve got hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs and a range of other furry and feathered petslike canaries, budgies and finches.

Our staff know all about looking after small animals. So if you want to know when to feed your rabbit or how often to clean out your hamster’s cage, they’ll be able to help.

All our animals are:

  • Supplied by registered breeders
    So you can trust they’ve come from good homes
  • Quarantined for a few days after they arrive
    To help them adjust to their new environment
  • Looked after by knowledgeable, caring staff
    Who health check all the animals regularly


We also have a huge range of pet accessories from brands like Kong and Pet Face, including pens, hutches, runs, cages, bottles, feeders, pet food, grooming products, animal toys and more.

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