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Christmas Grotto

It pains us to say this, but we will not be doing the grotto this year or in the foreseeable future.

The reason behind this is because we have created something that has got too big for our little family business. We only have 3000 tickets to sell and this year had 16,000 customers on our website on the 15th October. We had over 13,000 unhappy customers!

We have also created such a good reputation some customers have started to expect too much from us for the price we charge.

We receive ‘threats’ on a weekly basis because we have sold out and some customers believe their family deserves tickets more than the next. We’ve had comments like, ‘you’re punishing our children because we didn’t get tickets’. We’ve had countless people threaten to go to the media because they feel we aren’t selling them tickets even though we have sold out.

Over the last 10 years we have raised over £60,000 for multiple charities such as make a wish, DEBRA and to the Miles Miller trust, a local lad from our village.

After putting tens of thousands of families before our very own we have decided we need time to enjoy Christmas with our own family who have been neglected this past decade.

We aren’t saying never again, but the grotto you know, and love has gone, and we will need to come up with a new business model that suits us and the customer over the next couple of years. To all the customers, staff, friends and family that have supported us over the years we cannot express enough how much your support means to us and we hope you all have an amazing Christmas and a fantastic New Year!!

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