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Brookside Gardening Blog

Welcome to the Brookside Gardening Blog.

Christmas Trends Over The Years - November 2021

Decorating our homes at Christmas is a much-loved tradition, but whether you go all out grotto-style or prefer a more simple, modest approach, brightening our homes for the Festive Season is a custom that dates way back, and whilst styles may have changed considerably over the years, the aim remains the same, and we've taken a look at then and now...

Protecting Ponds & Fish For Winter - October 2021

It's not only our gardens that need attention in the coming months, our ponds and, in particular, our fish, need some TLC...

Autumn In The Garden - September 2021

With a little attention, your garden can continue to look glorious throughout the changing seasons.

BBQ Time - August 2021

We all love a BBQ, no matter what the weather, but when the sun's shining, is there anything better? We take a look at the love of cooking al fresco.

Summer Watering - July 2021

Welcome to the Brookside Blog! What better way to start than to dive right in and look at how we can take care of our plants whilst taking care of ourselves... We tend to our gardens all year round to keep them looking good, why let a well-earned holiday ruin all that hard work? A simple - or more advanced - watering system can give you peace of mind whilst you're away from home.
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