A pond makes a fabulous feature in any garden. As well as somewhere to keep and breed coldwater fish like koi carp, tench and goldfish, it’s a great way of attracting wildlife to your garden. It’s also an opportunity to grow some interesting plants, including water violets, water crowfoot, spiked milfoil and slender club rush.

At Brookside Garden Centre, we’ve got everything you need to build the perfect pond, including:

  • preformed pond moulds
  • pond liners
  • edgingboulders and bedding gravel
  • pumps, filtration systems and aeration devices
  • pond treatments
  • oxygenating plants
  • fish for ponds


Pond Food Brands
  • Tetra Pond
  • NT Labs
  • Superior Food
  • Nishikoi
Other Items
  • Pond Liners
  • Pre-formed Ponds
  • Pond Plants
  • Pumps
  • Fittings and Spares
  • Repair and Maintenance Equipment

Need help building your pond? Come in and talk to our experts. We’ll recommend the best products for your garden.

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