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Fish for ponds

A pond full of healthy fish is a lovely feature in any garden. So if you’re looking for goldfish, tench or koi carp for your pond then come and see us.

We’ve got nineteen large tanks of fish for ponds here at Brookside Garden Centre. We also have our very own fish expert who can help you choose the right variety. He’ll make sure you’re using the best plants, filtration systems and food too – so that your fish remain fit and healthy in all seasons.

Come to Brookside Garden Centre for:

  • Fish that are properly looked after
    Our tanks are cleaned every day and they’re never overcrowded
  • Pond accessories
    Including cold water fish food, plants, pumps, filtration systems and aeration devices, pond treatments and oxygenating plants
  • Advice on fish for ponds
    Our fish expert will be happy to talk to you about caring for fish in ponds, as well as building the perfect pond
  • Pond Fish
    Goldfish, Koi, Green and Gold Tench.

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To get in touch, please call 01622 871 250 or email [email protected]

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